"Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha Dental College"

S.K.S. Sarabha Dental College & Hospital is dedicated to the great martyr Kartar Singh Sarabha, who sacrificed his life in the prime of his youth for the freedom of India

The institution is situated in his native village SARABHA, (Distt. Ludhiana). This is the land where this great revolutionary was born on May 24th 1896.

S.K.S. Sarabha Dental College & Hospital strives to impart quality education -holistic in nature and relevant to our needs, which will produce committed Dental Graduates dedicated to the cause of Complete ORAL HEALTH. It has been conceived with the purpose of providing an ideal environment for greater enhancement of the capabilities of individuals through information, interaction and intensive patients-students-teachers contact, apart from providing excellent dental health care facilities to the masses. The institute is giving opportunity to intelligent and deserving students belonging to poor economic background to make career in this profession.


Medical and Dental education being a specialized branch of education, eminent doctors and educationists with vast experience in this field have been associated to create conducive environment for education as well as health care. There is less emphasis on didactic lectures, instead laboratory and clinical demonstrations, group discussions, seminars, workshops and conferences form vital part of total curriculum, besides inculcation of basic human values amongst students