S. Jatinder Singh Grewal

Philanthropist, educationist visionary and patriot Chairman SKSS Dental College and Sarabha Group of Colleges.

Decades back I left my native village Sarabha and made California (USA) my home land. There I always wondered how can we can give a taken of honour to Amar Shaheed Sardar Kartar Singh Sarabha. One day I heard something in the local Gurudwara (Sikh Temple); a mantra, vidya vichaari tan parupkari, which means “the greatest benefactor is he who spreads education.” By this time my family responsibilities were quite looked after and I decided to donate a big chunk of my saving for promoting Sarabha Group of Colleges. Forty years had passed; I took flight to land back in my ancestral village Sarabha. Here I found that its dental college that was in bare infancy needed not only pumping in of money but also supervision. I never looked back; the dental college had become my obsession. Since then four years have elapsed so quickly. The college is now on sound footing, being one of the best dental colleges of Punjab, its bright disciplined students, able faculty, spacious well planned buildings, well equipped laboratories, surgeries and library, neat and salubrious environment. First batch has already passed out and the college has been granted permission for the current year admissions.

My motto has been to go for the best in everything that goes to make a dental college. The college Principal is one of the most talented dentists of the country. An able administrator, fine surgeon, knowledgeable dentist, devoted and understanding teacher; she got her education from inter aliaUSA and Germany. Among the rest of our faculty there are quite some best known names in their respective fields and subjects. My vision is to start post graduation in dentistry in the near future, create conditions and environment that attracts the best of the students and faculty and to make this institution as well known and respected as is the name of the Amar Shaheed S. Kartar Singh Sarabha. May long live his name. I hope to see this group of colleges consolidated into a University named after him.