Subjects of Study

1. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.

This branch of dental sciences deals with the basic concepts and techniques of tooth extraction, as well as minor and major oral Maxillofacial surgical problems including methods of pain control and local anesthesia, and emergency dental care. Clinical programmes which include deep insight of major surgeries, involving the treatment of oral- cancers, facial trauma, temperomandibular joint disorders, cleft lip and palate, and jaw deformities which also forms a special part of the syllabus of this subject. Implantology is part of Oral Surgery.

2. Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge.

A detailed analysis of edentulous and partially edentulous patient, with emphasis on diagnosis, design and fabrication of Removable and fixed dental prosthesis including varying types of crowns and dentures is covered in the syllabus of this subject. A state of art Casting and ceramic laboratory with Ultra modern technology exists for the benefits of students as well and for the patient. Implantology related to Prosthetic Dentistry and Aesthetic Dentistry.

3. Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics.

It deals with restoring the diseased tooth to its natural form, function and aesthetic. Dental restorative care including diagnosis, prevention of caries, treatment planning for total dental health and comfort of the patient. It includes coronal restorations including amalgams, cast gold, composite, glass ionomer restorative treatment etc. It also includes Endodontics of the pulp, root canals and periapical diseases. Subject teaching is essentially done by lectures, preclinical and clinical techniques in laboratories and clinics. Aesthetic Dentistry

4. Public Health Dentistry

Goal is to prevent and control oral diseases and promote oral health through organized community efforts. Designed to help the student to explore professional ethics, as they relate to dentist’s relationships to peers, patients and the community. The Student attends dental camps and performs initial screening examinations and is sensitized to specific needs of a variety of patient populations including Dental Health Education. Behaviour Sciences