Good accommodation is provided separately for boys and girls.


  1. Spacious rooms with attached bathrooms.
  2. Fan and Cooler
  3. Bed, Table, Chair, Almirah & Mirror
  4. Hot water in winter season
  5. Common Washing Machine

Hostel Rules for Boys and Girls:

  1. The hostellers are required to follow the hostel instructions as given below as well as in the rules amended from time to time. An undertaking in the prescribed form shall be submitted by each hostel applicant.
  2. Rooms are allotted on the basis of the criteria/procedure laid down by the Principal from time to time. No changes in room occupancy may be affected during the same session.
  3. Hostellers will be held fully responsible for any loss or damage to the electrical fittings.
  4. Hostellers should avoid keeping expensive/gold items in their rooms. In case of theft of any of these items, the institution shall not be responsible.
  5. No hosteller shall be absent from the Hostel without written permission from the Warden. Residents wishing to visit friends or relatives allowed by the parents, even on holidays, shall obtain the written permission of the warden.
  6. The room of any hosteller is liable to be inspected by the authorities including Junior Warden at any time of the day or night.
  7. Any student found in possession of or having taken alcoholic drinks or any kind of narcotic/intoxicating drugs will be expelled from the hostel.
  8. All the hostellers are required to take their meals in the mess and no meal will be served in the rooms.
  9. Any illness must be reported to the Warden by the student concerned at once.
  10. Hostellers may submit passport-size photographs of two relatives of the same gender for making Identity Cards so that they can visit their rooms. The visitors must present the Identity Cards at the Hostel Entrance and make the necessary entry in the register kept for the purpose.
  11. No hosteller shall misbehave with the any of the employees under any circumstances.
  12. Any hosteller, who wants to go home for any reason, shall first obtain permission from the Hostel Warden and on the basis of that he/she shall seek the Principal’s permission. Hostellers should get their night pass signed before leaving the hostel.