Knowledge Assets

The college has a well established library which caters to the need of the undergraduate and post graduate students, research scholars and the faculty . The library functions on an open access system for the faculty members and the research scholars . But the students have only a limited access . The library remains open from morning till night on all working days .


The college library has a collection of about 60000 books and 10000 bound volumes of journals . It subscribes to about 100 international journals in various disciplines of Dental science and Technology . Services such as lending of books and journals , reading room , reprographic facilities and bibliographic reference and information are rendered by the library .
Each of these libraries can be accessed by student . Besides these central libraries , each constituent institute has its own library besides these central libraries . There are also small department level libraries in all of the Collage . The Collage always strives to provide the latest and best collection of books , journals , online sources , dessertations etc. to the students for course work and research .