"Education is about preparing children for life"

Here at Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha Dental College, over and above traditional teaching, we offer a higher level of learning.

We make the dental education a participative learning process, profound but simple, by arranging seminars, workshops and in-house studentsí presentation s. Eminent guest speakers from India and abroad are invited to share their knowledge and experiences with the students and the faculty. Special care is taken so that our students can participate in sports, cultural activities and pursue their hobbies and other interests.

My creed is that young students must learn about themselves, about their relationships with their patients and their parents, relatives, with their friends, seniors and others; about honesty and morals. An important component of education is the ability to listen to others and to learn to respect and appreciate their point of view.

Programmes that give them opportunities to hone their leadership qualities are arranged. They get chance for charity work and opportunities for helping others by giving time and pro-active efforts, not just money.

Alongside good grades and academic achievements, when these values are learnt, I believe, our students are ready to go out into the real world.


(Dr. Akshey Sharma)