Subjects of Study

1. General Pathology and Microbiology.

Pathology is the scientific study of function & structure of the body in disease. The knowledge & understanding of the pathology is essential for all doctors since unless they know the cause & mechanism of disease, they would not be able to institute appropriate treatment or suggest preventive measures to the patients. Curriculum covers fundamental mechanism and general principles of the diseases of our body. Didactic sessions largely comprising lectures, gross and microscopic features of Pathology and seminars


comprises bacteriology, parasitology, virology, mycology and immunology to prepare students for detailed study of infectious diseases, general characteristics of pathogenic microorganisms along with laboratory aspects are included in the curriculum of this subject

2. General and Dental Pharmacology and Therapeutics

General Principles of drug actions in the body and drugs of importance to clinical dentistry are covered in the study of this subject.

3. Dental Materials

An in-depth study of physical and chemical properties of materials related to the practice of dentistry with the help of practicals and lectures along with recent advances and methods of workability of these materials are taught.

4. Pre clinical Conservative Dentistry

Students are trained to identify, handle and use hand cutting instruments and rotary cutting instruments used for various Endodontics and tooth restorative treatment procedures. Students exercise/practice on phantom head models (that simulate real patient), typhodonts as well as natural teeth for all designs of cavity preparation (Class I –VI), mixing and usage of cements, matrix and wedge placement followed by amalgam and other restoration materials.

5. Pre clinical Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge

The students are trained to fabricate various types of complete dentures with laboratory procedures and crown & bridge, removable partial dentures preparatory exercises in patient simulating conditions before the students actually do these procedures on actual patients.

6. Oral Pathology & Oral Microbiology.